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Kamet is specialized in mineral insulated heating solutions. Our focus is on mineral insulated heater cables and heater elements for an industrial purpose. The mineral insulated heater cables designed and produced by Okazaki Manufacturing Company and subsidiary ARI Industries, both in close cooperation with Kamet. Okazaki delivers the standard range of heating cables for heat tracing and ARi supports Kamet through customized mineral insulated cables and elements. Okazaki has experience in producing MI cable since 1954.

These MI cables are specifically produced for electrical heating systems up to 1000°C. Our stock includes many standard dimensions and our manufacturers Okazaki and ARi Industries will gladly supply custom-made cable upon request. Kamet is able to provide heating cables or complete heater assemblies.

Besides the standard MI heater cables, ARI Industries provides Kamet with mineral insulated special heating cables and elements. Those special mineral insulated heaters of ARi are interesting for customized and challenging heating solutions and are applicable in a variety of industries. Small diameters and high resistance values are no problem for us.

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