Our standard

mineral insulated heating cables

Our mineral insulated heating cables are designed for applications such as frost protection, temperature maintenance and temperature increase. Typical features of this electric heat trace cable are high pressure resistance, water and gas tightness and constant heat transfer to medium.

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Complete heater elements

Kamet is able to provide complete heater elements. With our partner(s) we are able to produce soldered and laser welded heater elements. All the material to produce a heater element is in stock at Kamet. We are a flexible player, in case the customer wants a heater element produced with customized material, we will be able to hold stock for that.

Your customized

mineral insulated heaters

Kamet is able to produce difficult customized mineral insulated heater solutions on the highest level for different industrial heating applications. if you need a customized heater solution in high temperatures, Kamet is able to find and create a heater solution for you. Below you will find the steps We typically take to produce a successful heater order.

1.The customer contacts Kamet and explains as much as possible the required heater. Some basic features are noted below. It is not necessary to provide all the features, but it will definitely supports us to produce the heater.

Length Diameter
Wattage Voltage
Material Temperature
Resistance Atmosphere

2. Kamet will contact ARi to discuss the required heater based on the information we have from the customer.

3. ARi will return to Kamet with some extra questions or with a finished drawing of the heater(s).

4. When there enough information to produce a drawing, Kamet will send the drawing and explanation to the customer.

5. The customer can give Kamet feedback about the drawing.

6. After the green light has been given on the drawing, Kamet will send a quotation to the customer with a price and lead time

Which industries?

  • Vacuum technology
  • Chemical industry
  • Machine industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Aerospace
  • Power generation
  • Kamet Heating

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